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Is A Exercise Bench For Everyone?

This one’s for the women. Bench demos for gals, it takes the myth out of bench presses and proves that benches and weights aren’t just male accessories.


Disclaimer: Ease your way into weights by starting with less poundage and inching your way up as you build resistance. Stop the use of heavy weights if you are pregnant and consult with your doctor if you have any medical condition before attempting high intensity exercise.


The bench press is a popular technique that involves just two pieces of equipment: the bench and the dumbbell.  Responsible for total- body toning, bench press exercises can be done in the comfort of home. For best results in building endurance and strength, increase the weight as you decrease the number of reps.


Feel your body tone and your energy pump as you get fit while you lie flat on your back (or squat). Follow 3 of the most popular bench exercises specifically geared for females:



Targeting the chest, the hammer involves pressing your lower back against the bench to support your core and prevent lower back injury. Control the dumbbells on the way down so you align them and prevent punching yourself in the face.

  • Lie face up on a weight bench with feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • Position your hands by the shoulders with dumbbells in both hands.
  • Straighten your arms and lift the weights over your chest.
  • Lower the dumbbells until they nearly touch your chest and then press back up.

That’s one rep.



Targeting the core, this one’s precisely as its name hints. Avoid bringing your legs closer to your face than 90 degrees at waist height. The main thing to focus on is to move slowly. The slower you go, the more difficult it will be.

  • Lie down on the bench with your legs straight, palms down and fingers facing away.
  • Lift legs up into the air as you form a 90 degree angle.
  • Lower legs straight down toward the ground, engaging your core and slowly lifting them back up.
  • Challenge yourself: lift your lower back up along with your legs.

That’s one rep.



Targeting the glutes and legs, the pistol squat is fun to do and rewarding to complete. It’s very important to keep your chest up, avoiding unnecessary stress on your back. Do whatever makes you feel more comfortable, but some people say flexing your toe muscles on the lifted foot help them remain in control.

  • Stand in front of the bench with feet placed together.
  • Hold your arms straight out and raise your right leg off the floor.
  • Push your hips back and lower your body until your glutes tap the bench.
  • Pause and proceed to push your body back to its starting position.

That’s one rep.


Purchasing a bench is a worthwhile way to challenge yourself and switch up your moves. There are so many cool ways to target problem areas with specific reps that suit your resistance, your lifestyle and your frame.


Start your fall exercise regimen with the right equipment. Join the Gymenist trend and get moving!

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