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Why do people love kettlebells? And Where does it come from?

Exercise Workouts weights kettlebell weight weights workout workouts

Hypertrophy as a result of a HIIT dumbbell workout?

Establishing goals for (HIIT) high intensity interval training.


Body mass and HIIT.

New to the kettlebell movement? Don’t be afraid to try something new on your fitness to do list. When building body mass, proven research leads to the supportive facts that weights which require more muscle result in higher levels of muscle recruitment and activation.

 With way greater strength improvements from High Intensity Interval Training, the kettlebell is taking exercise to a new limit.


What is hypertrophy?

hypertrophy is a term for the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells, Caused via controlled strength training, hypertrophy is the enlargement of body mass as a result of increased cellular growth.

More than just a cardio regimen, the ballistic movements encouraged by kettlebells challenge almost every muscle in your body. Different than the average workout, changing things up with kettlebells is rather fun.

The most common type of muscular hypertrophy is a result of physical exercise such as weightlifting and strength exercises

Where do kettlebells come from?

Originating in Russia, kettlebells had their claim to fame decades ago and are making a classic comeback. Classes and videos are cropping up on the famed sport because they’re different and effective. With benefits for endurance, strength, cardio and agility, people love the challenge.


Great for urban quarters.

No space in your studio or loft? New Yorkers love the space saving convenience of the kettlebell. Not your average exercise equipment size, a kettlebell stores easily and works wonders. It builds your muscle without building clutter.


Ditch the dumbbells?

Transferring the center of gravity from the palm of your hand to the area right outside your hand, kettlebells change on variables of movement, as opposed to the traditional dumbbell. The multi directional movements of the famed kettlebell mimic real life activities, such as placing your suitcase in an overhead bin. Practical, but fitness worthy.


Celebs and kettlebells.

The big names in fit bods love kettlebells and you now know why. Find out why Jennifer Aniston and Bob Harper use kettlebells to stay in shape. Famed for his time in the limelight on The Biggest Loser, Bob speaks about his workout activities.


Next up, follow Gymenist for a step by step kettlebell workout.


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